[Coming Soon: New original tracks]
"Sleep Paralysis" (site-wide player) lyrics and music written by Greg Hoeth; released Feb. 2014

The above tracks include full-length versions* of "New Shoes" (Paolo Nutini), "Over My Head/Cable Car" (The Fray), "Fly Away" (Lenny Kravitz -- acoustic version), as well as demo snippets of the following:

- Wildflowers (Tom Petty)
- The A-Team/Angels To Fly (Ed Sheeran)
- Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan)
- High N' Dry (Radiohead)
- Even The Losers (Tom Petty)
- Ho Hey (The Lumineers)
- Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)
- New York, NY (Ryan Adams)
- Absolutely/Story of a Girl (Nine Days)
- Lucky Now (Ryan Adams)

Also featured are additional full-length versions of "Wildflowers" (Tom Petty), "High N' Dry" (Radiohead), "Ho Hey" (The Lumineers), "The A-Team" (Ed Sheeran) and "Closing Time" (Semisonic)*.

Vocals, lead and rhythm guitar: Greg Hoeth
Additional lead & rhythm guitar on "New Shoes," "Over My Head/Cable Car", "Fly Away" and "Closing Time": Paul Harvey
"New Shoes," "Over My Head/Cable Car", "Fly Away" and "Closing Time" recorded, mixed and produced by Tony Lang
All other tracks recorded, mixed and produced by Joey "Coach" Hanna, Thunderhoof Productions

YouTube video below: "13-13" performing Jack Johnson's "Sittin', Waitin', Wishin'"...